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At AEG, our mission is to give the world reason to cheer, while safeguarding it for generations to come. We’re committed to operating responsibly and to catalysing the influence of live entertainment to preserve the planet, seeking to minimise our impact on the earth and raise public awareness about important issues that affect the environment.

We entertain over 160 million fans across over 220,000 events annually and as such, are acutely aware of our responsibility and take care to lead by example to ensure a sustainable industry and a healthier planet.


Our work is rooted in Science and we’re driven by four key goals that shape our sustainability mission:


1. Eradicate Our Carbon

Achieving net zero emissions is critical for the environment and for long-term business planning. AEG are working toward a verifiable net zero strategy, with science-based targets which drive Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions down to an absolute minimum and tackle Scope 3 head-on.


2. Eliminate Our Waste

Waste pollutes the environment and releases carbon when produced and transported. AEG has introduced circular material systems, with the aim being to get to a place where we only use what we need and divert all waste to reuse or recycling.


3. Enhance Our Environments

From stadiums and concert halls to parks and fields, our operating environments are the core of our business. Caring for them, investing in them and nurturing them is essential not only for the long-term viability of our business, but also for the customers we serve and the communities in which we operate. We are working tirelessly to create nature-positive environments which are inclusive of all.


4. Inspire Our Audiences

We entertain millions of people a year in venues and through festivals which are amongst the most recognisable on the planet. Studies have found that fans are hugely receptive to environmental initiatives, taking messages and learned behaviours from concerts home with them. As such, we have a power to inform, to educate and inspire change far beyond our day-to-day events.


Sustainability is one of the biggest driving forces behind the decisions we make as a business. From traditional measures such as powering events by 100% renewable energy sources, to ensuring zero waste to landfill across festivals, or reducing single-use plastic across venues and festivals; we’ve also introduced more unique measures such as implementing locally produced, reusable BPA-free cups in Berlin and installing cup-washing machines powered by electricity from renewable resources which cuts both waste and emissions.

In February 2024, we made history by hosting the world’s first carbon removed arena events at The O2 in London, which saw the extraction and removal of 136.46 tonnes of residual carbon per show, equating to 545.9 tonnes in total – the equivalent yearly electricity usage of 395 average homes. We’ve also pioneered innovative initiatives like the planting of apple trees in Hamburg’s Barclaycard Arena’s Fame Forest – which has seen over 17,000 trees planted and a corresponding spritzer produced with all profits going to charity – to an onsite wormery at The O2 to compost food waste and generate fertiliser, or the introduction of over 50,000 bees that live on the roof of the Uber Arena in Berlin.

The O2 was also the first arena in England to receive Greener Arena accreditation, awarded by A Greener Future (AGF). Work is now underway at AEG Europe’s Uber Arena and Barclays Arena to undergo the same accreditation. The O2 also led the way in 2023 with the introduction of a Green Rider – a UK venue first – setting a new standard for sustainability in the live industry.


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